I am Maureen F. Fitzgerald, PhD – author, truther and former lawyer.

I practiced law for 20 years before stepping into my true calling as a change agent.

I am now dedicated to raising the consciousness of the planet and creating a new world based on love- rather than fear, greed and manipulation.

I do this by writing books and social media on topics such as:

  • consciousness,
  • mindfulness,
  • fairness and justice; and
  • equality.

My area of expertise is in identifying hidden systemic and institutional barriers that hold humans back from being fully alive and free.

My motto is: “The right idea at the right time can change the world.”

I invite you to join me in making the world a better place to live!

-Maureen F. Fitzgerald, PhD

Big ideas for positive change

Quote of the Day

“It is the denial of death that is particularly responsible for people living empty purposeless lives; for when you live

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Where to find me

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