Trust takes seconds to break and years to repair

“Trust takes years to build, seconds to break and forever to repair.” Anonymous.

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The History of Easter originates in the Goddess of Spring – Oestre

As you may know, when the Christian Church imposed its beliefs in Europe centuries ago they destroyed much of the Celtic and pagan (earth loving) traditions. but curiously, they overlaid their new ones on the old pagan ones.  Here is a quote about the history of EASTER from a book I am reading: “Oestre, the Goddess of Light, brings fertility with the spring. This is the root of the word oestrus, the time of an animals sexual cycle when it is fertile, and oestrogen is the hormone stimulating ovulation. The Church overlaid this festival with Easter and it’s theme of rebirth and resurrection from death. It’s timing is based on the old lunar calendar : the first Sunday after the first full moon after the spring equinox, formerly the pregnant phase of Oestre passing into the fertile season.” [Source: Sacred Celebrations by Glennie Kindred.]

Note the Celtic roots that remain with us today: 1. We still set the date of Easter according to the full moon and spring equinox;  2. The symbol of egg comes from the Celtic or pagan maiden who carries a willow basket of eggs, representing creation and new birth; 3. The rabbit was the animal associated with the Goddess Oestre.
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April 28 is G-Day- a global social movement for Girls aged 10-12

Once upon a time, the key passages of life were honoured in our communities. G Day is a new global social movement anchored by day-long events that celebrate, inspire and empower girls ages 10 to 12 as they transition into adolescence.

The inaugural G Day event is taking place on April 28, 2014, a Vancouver School District Professional Development (Pro D) Day. 250 girls from all over the city will be hosted by 50 adult volunteer facilitators and engaged by 10 speakers and artists in a variety of fun, thoughtful and creative activities.

The first G Day Vancouver’s programming is for girls ages 10 to 12; parents or other caregivers will be welcomed at the end of the day to join us for informal socializing.

Rather than being information-based, G Day is a celebration whose purpose is to offer a community-based reflection of the specialness of this stage of life, as well as to intentionally cultivate Sisterhood among the girls.

We hope that families will be inspired by their daughters’ experience at G Day to create their own unique celebrations.

 Go to:


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Women don’t know their own power

“I have asked for equality nothing more…Women are entirely unaware of their power. Like an elephant led by a string, they are subordinated by…just those who are most interested in holding them in slavery.” Victoria Woodhull, Prophet of Women’s Power, 1872

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Branding event for Women April 10

Join me at “Learn the essentials of personal branding for professional and political success”

Did you love Women’s Campaign School and can’t wait to learn more? Join us for our first ever WCS workshop: Personal Branding for Women on April 10th! Our branding experts will lead you through the process of crafting your unique story and developing the communication strategy to tell it. Whether you’re a running a campaign or running a business you won’t want to miss this!

Date and Time: April 10th, 7pm-9pm

Tickets are only $25 and space is limited.
Buy your tickets now:

Jennifer Gerves-Keen is an international coach and business mentor with over 15 years experience. She has helped dozens of organizations and individuals to become aligned to themselves and their strategic goals. Jennifer will help you discover and define your unique story.

Samantha Monckton is CEO and Creative Director of Talking Dog Communications. She is a graphic designer with over 22 years experience in the field of effective business communications and branding strategies. Samantha will teach you how to tell your story through design, media relations, personal presentation, and social media.

Canadian Women Voters Congress is a non-partisan charitable organization dedicated to educating and empowering women to participate in democracy.

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Reality is dull

“The trouble with ordinary reality is that a lot of it is dull so we long ago decided to leave it for somewhere better.” Charles Tart, Living the Mindful Life.

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Women in politics event this Friday at Board of Trade

Here is an invitation to Fridays event in Vancouver:

Anyone making the decision to enter the political arena will inevitably face obstacles. But what unique challenges are women likely to encounter?

The Vancouver Board of Trade is bringing together a panel of women that have lived the political life to share their stories and lessons learned. Hearing from these highly accomplished political leaders will be beneficial, whether your career path is destined for the public or private sector.


  • What steps should you take if you want to enter politics?
  • Why is gender diversity important?
  • How does the media portray women in politics?
  • What can women in politics expect in their day-to-day life?

Panellists will include Pat Carney, former Canadian Senator and former Cabinet Minister; Kerry-Lynne Findlay, Canada’s Minister of National Revenue; and Adrian Carr, Vancouver City Councillor and former leader of the B.C. Green Party.


Date: Friday, April 4 2014
Time: Registration: 11:30
Lunch and Program: 12:00 – 1:30
Location: The Vancouver Club — Grande Ballroom
915 West Hastings St.
Vancouver, B.C.
Tickets: Members $59 + GST
Non-members $79 + GST
 Table of 8  $472 + GST

The Women’s Leadership Circle (WLC) is a signature program of The Vancouver Board of Trade. The WLC is one of the largest women’s business networking groups in Metro Vancouver. Based on the pillars of connections, conversations, recognition and advocacy, the WLC is an inclusive business community which embraces diversity and elevates women. The Vancouver Board of Trade believes that businesses thrive when women are fully engaged at all levels. To learn more please visit

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Christy Clark should be ashamed for appealing the Teachers Union case

As both a parent and a lawyer, I am embarrassed by our governments decision to appeal the BC Supreme Court ruling of January 27 that said the province has grossly violated the bargaining rights of teachers and Canada’s constitution since 2002. Here is the Observer Magazine’s summary of the event:

“The ruling by Justice Susan Griffin means that the actions of education authorities since 2002 are now subject to review and appeal. The judge also awarded $2 million in damages to the BCTF.

Education Minister Peter Fassbender explained the government’s decision to appeal the ruling by saying, “In practical terms, the judgement is completely unaffordable for taxpayers.”

But UBC Professor of Law Joel Bakan writes in a Feb. 11 commentary in the Vancouver Sun: As a ground for appeal, this is a non-starter. The Supreme Court of Canada has consistently held that, as one of its early decisions states, “budgetary considerations cannot be used to justify a violation (of the Charter of Rights).” The point was reiterated by the Court in its 2007 case concerning health workers’ bargaining rights (in British Columbia). “Courts will continue to look with strong skepticism at attempts to justify infringements of Charter rights on the basis of budgetary constraints,” the Court said.

The ruling is not only a political embarrassment for the government, it  also deals a blow to its budgetary planning, which is heavily skewed to freezing or reducing spending on social services while boosting subsidies to the fossil fuel and other industries.

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Eighty two percent men on corporate boards

Congratulations to Alex Johnston the new executive director of Catalyst, an organization dedicated to advancing women. She is a Toronto lawyer with a gender-neutral name!

In a recent article she shared some statistics that show that women are still rare in  corporate boardrooms. No surprise except things are getting worse. So I say, rather than say that women make up 12 percent of Board positions we should say, men make up 82 percent of jobs that control the vast majority of money and power in Canada. How do we feel about that? Upset, I hope! (Source, Vancouver Sun 3 March 2014)

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New book Scientific Parenting

I just read about a new book by Nicole Letourneau and Justin Joscho called Scientific Parenting. This is interesting because it’s about making parenting easier based on what we know from research. Not just popular culture. One of the things it suggests is to use policy like tax incentives for grandparents who take care of children. I will have to read it. I can’t tell you how happy I am that someone is talking about policy rather than just blaming parents for not doing enough! It’s is published by Dundurn Press.

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