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Maureen’s books all do one thing: they challenge your thinking! From social justice and feminism to resolving conflicts and mindfulness, there is never a dull word written! [Read More…]

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Maureen Fitzgerald, PhD is a Gender Diversity Advisor, xLawyer and Author. She advises corporations and government on how to advance women. She provides advice, speaks to groups and resolves conflicts. [Read More…]


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Find cutting edge news, ideas and strategies about how to advance women and create gender balanced organizations. From the”Business Case” to “Best Practices,” I add new stuff all the time. Please send me your success stories to share! [Read More…]


“Your presentation was tailored to meet our needs, informative, useful, stimulating, entertaining and seamlessly professional.”
Vera Piccini, Chief Operating Officer, Law Firm
“Your presentation was inspiring, the highlight of my week. As you were presenting, I found myself affirming nearly every statement.”
Terry Hewlin, College Instructor
“There aren’t many people who impress me frankly but your presentation was fresh, real and bloody useful! Thanks!”
“Thank you so much for such an inspiring and intelligent body of work.”
HR Consultant
“For me it was an honor to participate in your workshop. I was so overwhelmed with the information, especially the subject of business mission statements, I have to confess it inspired me to reflect and focus on MY mission more seriously.”-
Alfredo Chin, Import Broker
“You are like a can opener for the mind. Not many people can challenge my thinking like you do. I usually process information rather quickly, but it took me much longer to digest what you said. What a wonderful treat.”
Chantal Caron, Personal Coach
“Maureen Fitzgerald is a dynamic and intelligent presenter who, through her workshops, has helped countless budding entrepreneurs and consultants develop powerful mission statements. This book now makes it easy for many more to guide their careers, indeed their lives.”
Roxanne Davies, Successful Contracting and Consulting, Vancouver
“The workshop received the highest score on the content, presenter’s sense of humor and participation with delegates. The presentation was called, “Very practical, dynamic leading but a fabulous presenter with a great sense of humor.”
Conference Organizer
“You are a terrific speaker: clear, focused, enthusiastic and very entertaining. It is rare to see someone who is confident without being obnoxious; intelligent without being too technical; natural without being too “new age”. You are all of those things. Thanks for sharing your insights with us.”
Government employee

Posts by Maureen Fitzgerald

The Hillary Phenomenon: Lawyer uncovers research on why we don’t like Hillary

PRESS RELEASE: VANCOUVER, CANADA, October 6, 2016 – Maureen F. Fitzgerald, PhD, a gender diversity advisor and former lawyer shines a clear light on why so many people don’t like Hillary Clinton. It has nothing to do with her as a person or even her politics, but rather our entire culture that [Read more]

Four money challenges women face

Here is a great article by my friend Karin Mizgala about why women have to take money seriously. Thanks Karin! Karin is also offering a day seminar for women on investing. It will be fantastic! http://moneycoachescanada.ca/blog/top-4-money-challenges-women-face/

Femeconomy is a neat way to push gender diversity

There’s a great new website available for those who want to start using their money to do something about the lack of women in leadership. It is called Femeconomy and it offers a simple way to shop for the things you love through a gender lens – by presenting more than [Read more]

Join me at Equal Voice Vancouver

Join Equal Voice BC to watch the results, hoist a beverage and cheer (or jeer) the results. The first American polls close at 5 pm Pacific Time, and we'll be welcoming members and friends from 5:30 pm. Where: Doolin's Irish Pub (VIP Room) 654 Nelson Street, Vancouver, BC When: November 8, [Read more]

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