A final celebration of 2014

Here is my final note in 2015.

As you know, I am almost finished the four books I have been writing for several years. I had never planned that they all come out in the same year…but hey what can I do? I guess I will be busy next year.

Here are the (working) titles in case you are interested. I would love to know what “grabs you!”

  • Mindfulness Made Easy – 50 Simple Practices To Reduce Stress And Create Calm – For Teachers, Professionals And Parents
  • A Man’s Guide To (Ultimate) Power – 50 ways to Keep Women out (Or Not)- At Work at Home and in Public
  • Wake up Sleeping Beauty– 50 Things your Mother Never told you about Cliques, Popularity, Bullies, Sexualisation and Power
  • So You Want More Sex – 50 Things to say To Guarantee Intimacy

I will continue to post excerpts on my blog (www.MaureenFitzgerald.com) in case you want to learn more or want to tell a friend (hint hint)!

Thank you for reading my posts!

Wishing you all the best in 2015.



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