The Conscious Relationship – For Men and Women Who are Ready for the Inner Work

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“If you do not do the inner work you will never have true intimacy.

This book is for the millions of men and woman who are confused and frustrated in relationships.

We have been told for years that men are from Mars and women are from Venus. We have been told  that our biological and brain differences are impossible to overcome, so we must both compromise to make relationships work. At the same time we are urged to spent money and time on all sorts of relationship-building skills, from communication skills to game playing and even having more sex. Yet none of this works in the long term. The increase in man caves and millions of books on how to communicate better have not brought down either the divorce rate or the number of unhappy marriages.

As Fitzgerald says: Totally unbeknownst to most of us, is our deep subconscious programming, conditioning and memories that are wreaking havoc on our relationships. From babies to adults we are socialized into very strict pink and blue boxes, learning exactly who we are and what we can do – as men and as women. And our whole society, culture and its institutions reinforce this divide constantly. We become products of our socialization and act out accordingly. And these hidden thoughts, beliefs and patterns interfere with intimacy.

Dr. Fitzgerald, a gender expert and former lawyer shows us how to question our childhood “blue and pink” socialization, identify our out-dated ideas about  masculine and feminine traits and sex-role stereotypes and begin the work of self-awareness (of the ego and the shadow).  This book challenges the idea that “boys will be boys” and “girls will be girls” and paints a clear picture and describes a straight path towards healthy, equal and conscious relationships.

With reference to research and seminal texts, this is an essential guide that will be used by women, couples and marriage counselors for years to come.   It will (finally) replace our ideas about Mars and Venus by showing us that we were MEANT to be happy together and that equality – not tolerance – is the secret ingredient to healthy relationships.

Whether dating, engaged or married, this book is guaranteed to provide a new look at relationships so you can create a truly loving partnership.

Price $19.95
Ebook Price $9.95
Publisher: CenterPoint Media
Publication Year: 2021
Format: Available Fall 2021
Length: 160 pages
ISBN: 9780993984065

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