Wake Up Sleeping Beauty – Protect your daughter from sexism, stereotypes and sexualization

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This is a 150 page guide book for parents, caregivers teachers and counselors who want to protect girls from sexism but also want to end the societal pressures, stereotypes and sexualization that are crushing girls today.

Rather than a self-help guide for girls, this book redirects our attention to our attention to our hyper-sexualized society and particularly media messages that are the direct causes of low self-esteem, depression and self-harm in girls.

Unlike other books that tend to be academic, problem-focused and targeted to girls, this book is practical, solution-focused and targeted to those raising girls. Dr. Fitzgerald a gender expert, former lawyer and mother of two girls provides a fresh look at the so called “girl-problems.”  Backed up by the latest research, this book offers concrete advice on how to help girls navigate our toxic culture and also challenge the status quo.  Here are some topics:

  • How to choose the best toys for your daughter
  • How to dress your daughter in a non-sexist way
  • How to combat the pressure to be overly sweet and nice
  • How to properly praise and not rescue your daughter
  • How to reduce the impact of Disney and kids programs
  • How to ease the pressure of perfection and combat the beauty industry
  • How to deal with sexist ads and sex-role stereotyping
  • How to deal with media objectification and sexualisation of girls
  • How to reduce the impact of sexist music, music videos and video games
  • How to reinforce her feminine strengths

This book guarantees to change the way you see the world of girls and provides a new set of lenses (maybe not rose-colored)  as well as practical solutions.

Price $19.95
Ebook Price $9.95
Publisher: CenterPoint Media
Publication Year: 2021
Format: Available Fall 2021
Length: 150 pages
ISBN: 9780993984051

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