How can a female CEO help women?

Is Maureen Sabia a feminist? The author of a recent Globe & Mail article (August 20, 2011) on Ms. Sabia – the powerful CEO of Canadian Tire – suggests that Ms Sabia is does not entirely support women, even though she was named to the Order of Canada in June for supporting women in business. Her mother, a famous feminist got the same award in 1974. Marina Strauss states in her article: “Ms Sabia has no concept of work-life balance. She never got married, though she was engaged once and broke it off.

She never wanted children. She doesn’t take holidays.” Apparently Ms. Sabia does not like being called a chairwomen, preferring chairman.

If we step back a bit, we see one more example of the price of working in a corporate culture that rewards this kind of life. It’s lucky Ms Sabia thrives in it, as Margaret Thatcher and a few other women do. The question is, does this life suit most human beings including the average woman and mothers?  But more importantly does this life help contribute to a world that we can all be proud of? As a recovering lawyer, I am quite sure that working  “like a man” in a cut-throat hierarchy is not soul nourishing for most people.

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