I meditate to be kinder

"I meditate so that I can be a kinder and saner human being. It helps me be the caring person that I really want to be. It helps me put things in perspective so that I can be more open, alive, accepting, generous and less fearful." Maureen Fitzgerald My book "Mindfulness Made Easy" is now available in

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An Easy Way to End the Year on a High Note

Here is an easy way to celebrate the end of the year. Each year we pull out our gratitude jar (see photo) that we filled a few years ago. Inside are handwritten notes from each of us to remember all the things we are thankful for. Each year we read them aloud and guess who wrote each note.

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Right livelihood can work in Capitalism

I am reading a great book " Be the Change" by Ed and Deb Shapiro. It is a collection of writing from some amazing people. One article is by Steve Demos who borrowed $500. to start making tofu 30 years ago. He recently sold the company for $295 million. He says that right livelihood means

Great new book on lawyers being truly human

I can't wait to read this book: The Affective Assistance of Counsel: Practicing Law as a Healing Profession. Marjorie Silver is brilliant and so are all the lawyers who are striving to bring back the human side of law. Here is the blurb on the book: "This book is subversive. It aims to undermine the legal

Mindfulness Made Easy – Practice #10 Practice Yoga

Here is the tenth of my 50 Mindful Practices  from my upcoming book. Please sign up for my weekly emails if you want to get the rest automatically in your email box. I welcome your feedback and please pass along to your friends! MINDFULNESS MADE EASY – 50 PRACTICES TO REDUCE STRESS AND CREATE CALM – FOR  HOME, SCHOOL AND WORK  Practice 10: Practice

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