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Before the Flood is a MUST WATCH on Netflix

Last night I watched this documentary: Before the Flood.  It changed me. Whats if every country decided today to simply use solar and wind power and no longer extract oil, gas and coal? It can be done. It MUST be done to save us and this planet.

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MUST WATCH Ashley Judd’s TED talk

In 20 minutes Ashley Judd describes the horrors of online misogyny and asks men and particularly the tech industry to stop sexist behaviour (especially in creating violent misogynist games for boys). Immediately. As she says, online hateful word are HATE CRIMES against women and should be treated as such.  My question is: Where are the MOTHERS and

The nail in Hillary’s coffin was untrustworthiness!

This great article describes how I feel. A must read by Toronto lawyer Marie Henein. “It is the reaction to Ms. Clinton that shook me to my core – watching her struggle to be "relatable." To be cuddly. To assure the world that she was a good mom and grandma. To twist and contort herself out of shape. Her

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Four money challenges women face

Here is a great article by my friend Karin Mizgala about why women have to take money seriously. Thanks Karin! Karin is also offering a day seminar for women on investing. It will be fantastic!

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Great campaign to get women 50/50 in power positions

This is nothing short of brilliant. I am going to try to talk Equal Voice Canada in doing a similar things.Women 50 50 The campaign for at least 50% representation of women in our Parliament, in our councils and on public boards

Women journalist harms women at multiple levels

Why does the Globe and Mail not fire Ms Wente? Margaret Wente plagiarism. Here is another article by Shari Graydon (of Informed Opinions) that describes how many educated women feel about the things that Margaret Wente writes: Informed opinions

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