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MUST WATCH Ashley Judd’s TED talk

In 20 minutes Ashley Judd describes the horrors of online misogyny and asks men and particularly the tech industry to stop sexist behaviour (especially in creating violent misogynist games for boys). Immediately. As she says, online hateful word are HATE CRIMES against women and should be treated as such.  My question is: Where are the MOTHERS and

Japan needs workers so turns to women

A conference is being held in November at Stanford University to help Japan attract and promote more women at work and in society. Why? Last year Japan realized that they were facing a shrinking and aging population and in order to remain a wealthy nation they needed more workers. As a result, women, who have

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Gender equality is sliding globally

The world is facing an acute misuse of talent by not acting faster to tackle gender inequality, which could put economic growth at risk and deprive economies of the opportunity to develop, according to the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report 2016, which is published today. The report is an annual benchmarking exercise that

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We blame women CEOs but not men CEOs

Here is a great article: When a company is in trouble, the buck stops with the CEO, right? Not necessarily. According to a new study, 80% of press reports about female CEOs involved in a crisis cited the chief as the source of the problem. But when a man was at the helm, only 31%

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Join me at Equal Voice Vancouver

Join Equal Voice BC to watch the results, hoist a beverage and cheer (or jeer) the results. The first American polls close at 5 pm Pacific Time, and we'll be welcoming members and friends from 5:30 pm. Where: Doolin's Irish Pub (VIP Room) 654 Nelson Street, Vancouver, BC When: November 8, 2016. 5.30 pm - late

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