Female RCMPs have had enough it seems

Apparently women at the RCMP have had enough. First it was Corporal Galliford who blew the whistle and now several others. These police officers are now threatening a class action suit suggesting that the harassment is a systemic problem in the RCMP that senior officials have ignored for decades. In fact I read that Alexander Zaitzeff, a Thunder Bay lawyer will be launching a class action suit this week.  It’s sad that it took so long to come out, but as one RCMP officer (Janet Merlo) said: “I am afraid of retribution…. A lot of us women who are going public or considering it are scared to death about what might happen to us. But we have to speak up, if not for us then

for the women who come after us. Maybe by saying something, we can make life better for them.” (Source: Gary Mason, Globe & Mail 3 December, 2011)


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