Female sexual addiction- who knows?

I recently read an article on female sexual addiction (Postmedia News Jan 6, 2012). I am not sure what was being said except that no one seems to know much about female sexuality – yet alone whether there is an increase in addiction – whatever that is. Sadly we women and men are still left in the dark about what is normal or not for women when it comes to intimacy, sex and sensuality. The media sensationalizes female and talks of addiction, pornography or exhibitionism but rarely talks about healthy female sexuality way.

Yet we know lots about male sex drive. We are told repeatedly that men like to visualize naked and vulnerable women. We are also told that if women talk about sex or fantasize that they are either nymphomaniac s or need psychological help. It’s time to reclaim the sensual aspects of women and create an understanding about feminine sexual power. Can someone help me on this?

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