Help me on my new book for Young Women in Relationships

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Help me on my new book for Young Women in Relationships

I am finishing a new book for young women. Could you read this DRAFT BACK COVER and send me your suggestions by email. Thanks!



No more man caves! A book for women who are frustrated – and the men who love them.

Are you looking for a man who will be not only a wonderful lover but also an amazing partner and father? Are you worried that his gendered upbringing and out-dated attitudes may harm you and your relationship in the long run?

This book will show you how to identify sexist behaviours, understand where they come from and deal with them BEFORE you tie the knot.

In a gentle yet provocative way Maureen Fitzgerald, gender expert and former lawyers says, “It’s not that men are bad people, it’s just that most men inherit some deeply engrained beliefs that are harming their relationships. And they just can’t see them.”

Does your lover, husband or partner?

    • Find it difficult to listen to you and often interrupt you?
    • Barely do his share of the housework and child rearing?
    • Have a hard time taking advice or directions from you?
    • Tend to run away or get angry when emotions arise?
    • Accuse you of nagging when you make a simple request?

Most relationship books suggest that these male behaviors are genetic and thus unchangeable. In other words, men are born this way and women must tolerate it. This book suggests otherwise.

This sure-to-be controversial book invites all good men to look in the mirror, reject the pressure to be macho and be more of the caring and strong man that attracts intimacy. Men (and women) will learn how to:

    • Stop old patterns from harming your relationship
    • Honor your male and female differences
    • Communicate in a way that builds connection
    • Tap your social and emotional intelligence
    • Build a lasting and loving relationship

Pulling no punches, these 40 strategies are guaranteed to change the way we look at relationships and put an end to arguments. Fitzgerald invites us to take a fresh new look at the way we function as couples and surface our underlying mindsets and habits that are invisibly pulling us apart. END

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About the Author:

Maureen F. Fitzgerald, PhD is a Gender Diversity Advisor, xLawyer and Author. She consults to corporations and governments on how to advance women and specifically attract, retain and promote women. Maureen is author of twelve books, including Occupy Women, Lean Out and Invite the Bully to Tea. She has a business degree (BComm) from the University of Alberta, a law degree (JD) from the University of Western Ontario, a master’s degree in law (LLM) with distinction from the London School of Economics and a doctorate degree (PhD) from the University of British Columbia.