How to advance women by asking ten simple questions

I use the following the ten questions as the Table of Contents for my upcoming book, titled: 50 Ways to Advance Women.” I hope this book (that I am struggling to get done!) will become the “textbook” for the Lean In movement!

  1. Do humans really thrive in a 24/7 competitive culture?
  2. Are men really better workers and leaders than women?
  3. Are masculine traits better than feminine traits?
  4. Are women really smart, serious, professional and strong?
  5. Should those in part time and flex jobs be paid less than others?
  6. Do women homemakers and child-raisers really enjoy working for no pay or benefits?
  7. Is it possible or healthy to separate  work life and family life?
  8. Is it normal or healthy to reject or downplay emotions at work?
  9. Are  friendships and personal relations problematic at work and business?
  10. What do we mean when we tell women “You can’t have your cake and eat it too?”

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