I am embarassed by the RCMPs Statement of Defence

As a recovering lawyer, the RCMP legal case (Galliford case) makes me embarrassed and sick. The RCMP recently filed a Statement of Defence denying almost all the allegations of harassment. In other words, they deny that anything wrong occurred. Although we all know that something happened, the RCMP and the victims are trapped in a brutal adversarial legal system that promotes denial as opposed to honesty.  What lawyers know is this: We are trained as lawyers to deny everything. That is how our legal system works. The plaintiffs make allegations; we deny them and tehn we all wait (often years) for a court to decide who is telling the truth. Meanwhile everyone gets beat up a bit more.  Surely someone can come up with something better. Perhaps they will call me and ask me to facilitate a Corporate Restorative Circle to heal rather than re-abuse. I will mail the RCMP lawyers a copy of my book right now!

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