If Women Ruled the World

Here are some of the suggestions from the Book “If Women Ruled the World” edited by Sheila Ellison (2004)
Self-respect classes would be part of our high school curriculum
We would celebrate our strengths and not focus on our weakness
We would not give our power away
We’d learn to disappoint others
We would love our thighs
We would be sexual dynamos
Women’s work would not be defined as housework
We’d speak the truth even in difficult situations
We would cherish the old as well as the young
Stay-at-home fathers would be common place
We would be role models for our daughters
Equal parenting would be the norm instead of the exception
We’d communicate in a relational way
We’d dialogue more and argue less
The animosity between girls would disappear
The sexual double standards would disappear
We’d form a society based on partnership
Our voices would be heard
Stay at home parenting would be counted as paid work (with retirement benefits)
The work versus family trade off wouldn’t exist
Being happy would be a career goal
We’d have more women conductors
Business would be more fun
We would have a safer world
We’d value the health of our children more than big business
We’d support women in leadership
We would portray real women in advertisement
Family court orders would be enforced
Baby girls would always be cause to celebrate
We’d banish all fundamentalism
Female genital mutilation would cease to exist
We would all have health care

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