It is our madness that makes our kids anxious, not theirs

A recent report by a Toronto school board found that students are shockingly nervous and anxious. This comes as no suprise to me because I write about societal and cultural pressures (especially on females). Apparently the solution to all this stress is to better screen for anxiety and provide more support (e.g. anti-anxiety techniques). Wow. Sounds like a bandaid for a heart attack.

My research shows that students suffer from extreme pressure from parents, teachers, coaches, peers and the media – all re-inforcing massive myths. Students are stressed beacause we make them think that life is terrribly difficult and they must work to death or they will be complete failures. Girls in particular must be smart, sexy, nice and althetic. Absolutely no time for fun. Don’t be lazy! In my opinion, the way to make things better for students is to step back and say: This is crazy! Why on earth would a 15 year old have 2 hours of math homework every night? Someone has to stop this madness and its starts with us, not our children. [Source: Canadian press 13 February 2013]

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