It’s not the police it’s the whole RCMP system

I am saddened but not surprised by Corporal Catherine Galliford’s damning indictment of her 20 year employer: the RCMP. Its not that police officers are bad guys. Its just that they have created a top-down military-like system that might be very effective in emergency situations, but does not allow for much honesty or candor. The tough-guy image is encouraged and complainers are probably chastised. And women who are few and far between are told to put up with it or get out. 

This happens in many organisations and probably the reason why organisations remain so messed up. Still my heart breaks for Ms Galliford who worked for 20 years believing that things might get better.

She is beautiful and strong and I honor her courage at speaking out. I just wish she had not been pushed to this.

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