Martha Payne a nine-year old girls rocks

I love stories like Martha Payne’s. She is a nine year old Scottish girl who’s websitewent viral. Its called NeverSeconds and she posted pictures of her school lunches and ranked them on a scale of 0-10. She used her site to raise money for a local food charity. It was not until the local school council pulled her website (it made the cooks fear losing their jobs) that the media took hold. It did not take long for the head of the council to do a U-turn. He said, “There is no place for censorship in this council and never will be whilst I am the leader.” Hmmm. I wonder if he would have listened to a nine-year old girl if she had not become part of Jamie Oliver’s tweet that went to his one million followers? Its amazing the power of social media. [Source: Vancouver Sun, 16 June 12]


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