Mindfulness is Out of the Closet

Okay, I have to come out of the closest – or should I say off of my pillow? I have been meditating and learning mindfulness for over 8 years now. It started with a very short course up at the University (UBC) with Deb Prieur (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction program) and culminated last weekend when I attended my first 2-day retreat on Vipasanna meditation (a Buddist-based technique).

Although I find “being mindful” difficult most of the time (and meditating 20 minutes a day a bit of a struggle), because it has changed my perspective on life so much, I have decided to share what I am learning here, with you.

Stay tuned…I am attending a Mindful Lawyer Conference in a few weeks in California (Berkeley) and hope to learn more about how to teach this to lawyers. Yes, I said lawyers.

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