The nail in Hillary’s coffin was untrustworthiness!

This great article describes how I feel. A must read by Toronto lawyer Marie Henein.

“It is the reaction to Ms. Clinton that shook me to my core – watching her struggle to be “relatable.” To be cuddly. To assure the world that she was a good mom and grandma. To twist and contort herself out of shape. Her clothing; her hair; her temperament; her stamina. All of it reduced to one clear message – there is something not quite right about that “nasty woman.” She was not to be trusted. That is what shook me to my core. This is the message that was sent over and over again. To women.

What did Ms. Clinton’s run tell us? That even a progressive society has difficulty embracing women in positions of power. That women decision makers and power brokers continue to be viewed with inherent suspicion. You can hold office, just not the highest one. You can succeed, just not too much. I’m going to say it; she lost because she is a woman. If she was a man, she would be president-elect today. Plain and simple.”

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