Please provide feedback on my women’s books

Shira-Ben-Sasson-Furstenb-001It has taken a while but here they are: the titles of my upcoming women’s books. Please tell me what you think. they are going to press in the next month. Yippee






  1. Lean Out – Shatter the glass ceiling to success, happiness and work-life balance. This book describes how corporate cultures and business practices hold women back and provides powerful and practical strategies to help women shatter, not just break through, the glass ceiling
  2. Motherhood is Madness– Break the chains to happiness and success as a mother and wife. This book describes how the institution of motherhood and domestic responsibilities hold mothers back and provides immediately useful practical strategies to deal with the “sticky floor.”
  3.  Occupy Woman– How to be truly successful, powerful and free in a world that was made by men for men. This book describes how our patriarchal and dominance-based culture holds women back and provides practical strategies to not only free women but also shift our culture that keeps women powerless.


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