Come to my talk breaking down barriers for women leaders

I am speaking at the IDEAS SALON at the University Women's Club on Wednesday November 1, 2017 at 6:30pm. My talk is on how to advance more women into leadership. Please come. Its open to the public and olly $15. Click here to find out more.

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Should women’s groups only hire female speakers?

I just saw another (boring) article criticizing women's groups for only having women speakers. Several men posted comment saying that is stupid for women to do this because men are in the know and can offer good advice. Here is my comment: "This has nothing to do with male and female speakers at all. These comments not only add to the

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Happy International Women’s Day!

I went to a fantastic talk last night by the Lisa Helps, the Mayor of the city of Victoria. It was a perfectly written and powerfully delivered speech that left us all with a sense of hope. I will summarize her talk in another post. It was hosted by SFU. Thanks! Please go to an

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Right livelihood can work in Capitalism

I am reading a great book " Be the Change" by Ed and Deb Shapiro. It is a collection of writing from some amazing people. One article is by Steve Demos who borrowed $500. to start making tofu 30 years ago. He recently sold the company for $295 million. He says that right livelihood means