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Here is my TEDx Talk: Implicit Bias!

Yippeee... I am so excited to share my TEDx talk! The title is: "Implicit Bias: How We Hold Women Back." Please share widely!

Near death opens people’s minds

In his book The Omega Project, Kenneth Ring found that those who have had near death experiences show significant shifts in the following ways: Increase appreciation for life, greater self-acceptance; decrease in concern for impressing others, greater concern for others; decrease in materialism, increase for social and planetary issues, and increase in quest for meaning.

New book by Naomi Wolf: Vagina

I just read about Naomi Wolf's new book "Vagina." I will look for it today. At the minimum it brings the "V" word out into the open which reduces women's learned shame about their bodies, but it may also enlighten women and men about womens sex anatomy, which is lawys a positive thing. I note she

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