Ten things we do not see that hold women back

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Here is an excerpt:

Research shows that most people don’t see sexism even when it’s right in front of their noses. How do you think about and respond to these 10 everyday sexisms?

1. We tolerate the ritualized silencing of women mandated by all major religions.

With minor exceptions, this bars girls and women from authority and mandates that access to the divine is mediated by exclusively male speech. This is by any definition gender-based suppression of speech that is legally unchallenged.

From the moment a girl realizes that she is not invited to participate in clerical rituals, because she is a girl, she learns that her voice is powerless and not respected. At least we pay to undermine the public good through tax credits and subsidies.

2. We live with an infinite number of hierarchy-building double standards based solely on gender.

Most of these restrict women’s free expression and ability to achieve lifetime security in equal measure.

These double standards range from expecting girls to exhibit more self-control and politeness and he’s a stud/she’s a slut sexual norms, to grossly different treatment of men and women when they age and the conflating female nudity with obscenity, to warped ideas about boys and girls “natural” capabilities.

Did you know that math ability and confidence is not so much a function of sex but status? The more equitable a culture, the more equal the math skills between boys and girls.

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