Why education is critical for women’s freedoms

The correlation is clear. If you provide women with education and career choices they will be less likely to get married and have children. This should be obvious, but it is becoming abundantly clear in China, India and other countries – with dire consequences.  As women gain education they get jobs. When they get jobs, they are no longer financially dependent on their fathers and husbands. When they are no longer dependant, they make informed choices. One of these choices is to not go back to a family structure where they have no power and no pay.  Another choice is to have fewer children because

to do so would mean only raising children with no possibility of doing anything else. This is happening all around the world. Although it might look sad I think it will  result in more people valuing women and treating them well. If they refuse to put up with this poor slave-like treatment, we may be “forced” to provide the supports they need when they choose to get pregnant, give birth and raise the next generation.

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