Why men who earn less than women are resentful

I just read another article on women who earn more than their partners – and the trouble it causes. In essence, when women earn more than their partners, men lose self esteem and resent these women. To balance this out, these high earning women tend to play down their status and position. Sad. Men have come to think that they are less than men when they cannot support the family on one income. But the solution is not to simply tell men to drop their ego and become a new age man. The way to stop the resentment is to make both partners feel they are contributing equally and both jobs are valuable. This is what women have been seeking for a very long time. So, if the tasks of housekeeping, child rearing and home management were both elevated in terms of status and were adequately compensated, I suspect the less-income earning partner might feel a bit less resentful.

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