Women leaders criticised for their feminine strengths

If you look closely at the criticisms levelled at women leaders, you will see that the very complaints are actually women’s feminine strengths. For example, a recent HBR article suggested that women stunt their careers in five ways. Apparently women sabotage themselves by being overly modest and not wanting to brag or appear arrogant. They do not ask, nor do they know when to ask. They do not want to appear pushy or aggressive and prefer to blend in and not have attention drawn to them. They allow the team to take credit for their accomplishments. And they remain silent. Boy, this sounds like the perfect employee to me! These are true feminine strengths and include listening, including others, sharing and modesty.

They should be celebrated, not criticized. Just because we have created a business world where everyone fights and yells, should we keep telling women to fight more viciously and shout a bit louder? Or should we say: Enough yelling!

The original HBR article can be found at: http://blogs.hbr.org/cs/2011/10/four_ways_women_stunt_their_careers.html

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