Women with young children commit suicide with no support

I recently read about the increase in mother suicides. The article said that many women kill themselves and their children long after they are out of the hospital. Dr. Kirsten Patrick (in an editorial in the Canadian Medical Association Journal) said we should monitor this more closely. In my opinion, its easy to blame post partum depression, depression or the rare mother who is unable to cope. But, having had two children I urge doctors to visit homes of mothers with several toddlers. It’s a crazy time if you have no support! We can only blame ourselves for not providing the support that new mothers need to raise healthy children. We have to stop blaming mothers and mental illness for a societal problem. The harsh truth is that as individuals most of us do not want to give our (tax) money to services that might help these women and their children.  [News Source Vancouver Sun, 10 Sept 2103]

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