gender diversity

How to Dismantle the Corporate
Barriers that Hold Women Back

Lean Out

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How to Break the Chains
That Prevent Mothers
from being Truly Happy

Motherhood is

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A Manifesto for Positive Change
in a World Run by Men

Occupy Women

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About me

Hi I am Maureen Fitzgerald, PhD. I write books for positive change.

I practiced law for 20 years before realizing my calling as an author and change agent. I now write and speak about how to make the world a better place to live. My motto is:  “The right idea at the right time can change the world.”

I invite you to join me by reading my books and sharing them with others and inviting me to speak, so together we can bring about positive change!

- Maureen Fitzgerald

Big ideas for positive change

Quote of the Day

“It is the denial of death that is particularly responsible for people living empty purposeless lives; for when you live

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