$7 a day childcare benefits children and women

We all know that if children get better education they fare better in life. But do we know why children are not getting this critical education? It might seem obvious, but not really. Parents do not put their young children into educational programs because the programs are either not available or are too costly. This is supported by recent research that shows that only 3 provinces truly support early childhood education.  The Early Childhood Education (ECE) Index (published this week) which measures the quality, funding, governance and access to child-care for 2-5 years olds found that out of a score of 15 only Quebec (10), Prince Edward Island (9.5) and Manitoba (7.5) got passing grades. In other words, the other provinces do not dedicate money to ECE. Only 3 provinces know that investment in children pays off.

 For example, Quebec provides all parents with $7 a day universals access to child care. This not only helps children, it frees parents to do other paid work and helps our society and economy in the long run. It seems like an easy solution to me.  (Source: Globe & Mail Nov 23, 2011)

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