Anne Giardini gave a wonderful talk at SFU

I went to a talk at SFU (at their lovely waterfront campus!) a few weeks ago and was delighted to hear Anne Giardini speak about how she survived (thrived) in a male dominated world. She too is a lawyer. She reminded me about how many groups of women (like the Canadian Bar Association Women ) have spent thousands of hours creating “toolkits” to advance women, that never see the light of day. This is why I think my book Lean Out is so useful. If nothing out we can STOP wasting our time making toolkits and stop writing  “Gender Diversity Reports”. The academics know exactly what is holding women back. We need to listen to them and stop individuals from guessing. Anne is speaking again at the VPL on May 19 on a her new book (with her son!) want to join me?


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