We need a positive culture not just for schools but also for the teachers’ strike

BC Premier Christy Clark just announced a $2 million strategy and anti-bullying program to keep school kids safe. As she rightly points out, laws and punishments do not work and we need to “create a positive school culture.” She stated correctly that, “educators need tools to be able to deal with conflicts in an appropriate way”.  Although this is great, the truth is that the year-long and very painful teachers work action has deeply eroded all sorts of positive culture and a sense of community in schools. Although I do not blame either side, the system we are using to resolve conflicts with teachers is clearly broken. I think that the money might have been better spent on coming up with a new process of working together and navigating differences so we too can create a positive culture between adults and not just kids.  [Source Vancouver Sun, 2 June 2012]

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