April 28 is G-Day- a global social movement for Girls aged 10-12

Once upon a time, the key passages of life were honoured in our communities. G Day is a new global social movement anchored by day-long events that celebrate, inspire and empower girls ages 10 to 12 as they transition into adolescence.

The inaugural G Day event is taking place on April 28, 2014, a Vancouver School District Professional Development (Pro D) Day. 250 girls from all over the city will be hosted by 50 adult volunteer facilitators and engaged by 10 speakers and artists in a variety of fun, thoughtful and creative activities.

The first G Day Vancouver’s programming is for girls ages 10 to 12; parents or other caregivers will be welcomed at the end of the day to join us for informal socializing.

Rather than being information-based, G Day is a celebration whose purpose is to offer a community-based reflection of the specialness of this stage of life, as well as to intentionally cultivate Sisterhood among the girls.

We hope that families will be inspired by their daughters’ experience at G Day to create their own unique celebrations.

 Go to: http://gdayforgirls.com/


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