Are men born jerks or do they become jerks

I am married to  man. I did not think he was a jerk until I read an article about an Ottawa  therapist – Martin Rovers (and his wife) who gives talks to men and women about relationships. [Note: You need to know that Mars and Venus is my most hated book] Apparently a “jerk” is someone who resists changing, blames others for their failings, breaks promises, is unable to see things from another’s’ perspective and is a poor listener. Yup, that’s my husband.  But, it’s also me. On occasion of course! I think that rather than labeling people as “jerks” its more productive to look at how peolpe use their power to be rude, inconsiderate and disrespectful. Although we are all guilty to some degree, I am wondering now, if men become jerks because THEY CAN, given their power position relative to women in our society? [Source: Vancouver Sun, 17 Sept 2012]

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