Books For Mothers Raising Strong Girls

Here is my top 14 book list for all mothers who wish to raise strong girls:

  1. Bingham, Mindy & Sandy Stryker. “Things will be different for my daughter” (NY: Penguin, 1995).
  2. Cohen-Sandler. “Trust Me, Mom -Everyone else is going- The new rules for raising adolescent girls” (NY: Peguin, 2002).
  3. Debold, Elizabeth, Marie Wilson and Idelisse Malave “Mother-Daughter Revolution-From good girls to great women. (Ny: Bantam, 1993)
  4. Deak, JoAnn “Girls will Be Girls-Raising confident and courageous daughters” (NY: Hyperion, 2002).
  5. Elium, Jeanne & Don Elium. “Raising a daughter” (Berkeley, Calif: Celestial Arts, 1994).
  6. Mackoff Barbara “Growing a Girl: Seven strategies for raising a strong and spirited daughter” (NY: Dell, 1996).
  7. Madison, Lynda. “Keep Talking-Mothers’ guide to the preteen years” (NY: Andrews McNeel, 1997).
  8. Marone, Nicky “How to mother a successful daughter” (NY: Harmony, 1998);
  9. Mikel Bown, Lyn and Carol Gilligan. “Meeting at the crossroads” (NY: Ballantine. 1992)
  10. Orenstein, Peggy. “School Girls-Young women, self esteem and the confidence gap” (NY: Doubleday, 1994)
  11. Pipher, Mary “Reviving Ophelia: Saving the selves of adolescent girls” (NY: Balantine, 1994).
  12. Preuschoff, Gisela. “Raising Girls-Why girls are different and how to help them grow up happy and strong” (Berkeley, Toronto: Celestial Arts, 2006).
  13. Simmons, Rachel. “Odd Girl Out-The hidden culture of aggression in girls” (Orlando Florida: Harcourt, 2002)
  14. Wiseman, Rosalind “Queen bees and wannabes” (NY: Three Rivers, 2002)

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