Hiring, Managing and Keeping the Best

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You have always dreamed on being your own boss…but does the idea of being someones else’s employer give you nightmares? As a small business owner, managing employees in one of the greatest challenges you face in your day-to-day business. It is also one of the most critical to your business success. In Hiring, Managing and Keeping the Best, authors Beauregard and Fitzgerald will help you with a myriad of employee related tasks from hiring the right employee to administering the paperwork to keeping employees motivated. They help you deal with:

  • finding and screening applicants
  • selecting and hiring the best candidates
  • motivating, recognizing and rewarding employes
  • administering pay, taxes and benefits
  • dismissing employees within the confines of the law, and much more

Beauregard and Fitzgerald draw from 25 years of combined experience in human resources and employment law. they adopt a step-by-step approach and provide you with a do-it-u=yourself HR kit which includes sample forms and letters, handy checklists and tips, and lists of government contacts.

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