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Mean Girls Aren’t Mean – Stand up to cliques, bullies, peer pressure and popularity and empower girls

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This 150 page parenting book turns the myth of “mean girls” on its head.  In doing so it provides fresh and lasting solutions – and skills- for the many girls who struggle with peer pressure, popularity contests, bulling and other social and relationship problems.

Unlike other books that categorize and blame girls (like “Queen Bees and Wanna Bees” by Rosalind Wiseman, 2003) or focus on the psychological and physical  development of girls, this book shifts the focus away from girls to the deeper hidden causes of girls’ behavior.

Backed up by the latest research, Dr. Fitzgerald, a gender expert, mother and former lawyer, explains how girls are not born mean but are simply acting out of a need for control and agency. She unpacks the label of “relational aggression,” girl-bullies and jealousy and shows how reinforcing these ideas causes girls even more harm.

Unlike other parenting books that tend to be lengthy, academic and problem-focused this book is short, practical and solution-focused. This book consists of 30 chapters addressing 30 aspects of girl’s social lives and provides real-life examples and practical solutions. It is guaranteed to change the way parents see the world of girls.

Topics include: Why friendships and cliques are so important to girls; how to help her make and keep good friends; why girls use social control and relationships as weapons; how to deal with bullying and peer pressure and why girls camouflage and shrink themselves. Unlike other books that tend to be academic, and problem-focused this book is practical and completely solution-focused.

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