Mission Possible-Creating a Mission for Work and Life

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Align yourself with your work

People with a mission achieve success by aligning their uniqueness and passion with their work.  They enjoy what they do and feel that what they do is meaningful.  With abundant energy and a strong sense of purpose and direction, they know exactly where they are going and how to get there. Do you live and work with a sense of purpose, passion and energy? Do you have a direction that is inspiring and energizing? In this book, Maureen Fitzgerald introduces a unique process for creating your own mission for life and work. She shows you how to:

  • Create your personal vision;
  • Identify your particular uniqueness;
  • Develop your own mission statement;
  • Select goals and strategies for fulfilling your mission; and
  • Implement your mission and overcome obstacles.

She shares stories of those who have created and are now living their dreams. You will walk away with a concrete action plan, including strategies to bring about your mission.

If you want to achieve success professionally or personally – Mission Possible is the solution!

Praise for Mission Possible

“Maureen has brought more than possibilties to the reader. She has brought clarity, solutions and direction! This is a book for everyone – A MUST read..” Ann Coombs, Futurist and Author of the best selling “The Living Workplace.”

 “Mission Possible is a timely book for the generation that no longer accepts mediocrity. Ms. Fitzgerald’s ability to move people from dreams to reality is extraordinarily rare.  She provides a simple, process with deep roots that will take you step-by-step from vision to action. If you truly want to align yourself with your work, Mission Possible is for you.”  Monica Beauregard, President of Bridgepoint Human Resources Inc., Toronto.

 “Maureen Fitzgerald is a dynamic and intelligent presenter who, through her workshops, has helped countless budding entrepreneurs and consultants develop powerful mission statements. This book now makes it easy for many more to guide their careers, indeed their lives.” Roxanne Davies, Successful Contracting and Consulting, Vancouver.

Price $14.95
Publisher: CenterPoint Media
Publication Year: 2003
ASIN: 0973245107
ISBN: 09780973245103

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