Childhood Under Siege a new must read

Joel Bakan, law professor and author of  “The Corporation” has just written an amazing book: Children Under Siege: How Big Business Targets Children (Penguin Group). Like his prior book, he takes painstaking care at looking at and industry that no one dares to challenge. And this industry is not only harming your children, it is actively exploiting them for profit. They strive to get children addicted to social media and video games. And worst of all, no one in the line of command takes responsibility because “they are just doing their jobs.” I think we should stop trying to expect a hero (like Joel Bakan) to show up and simply STOP READING AND WATCHING ALL ADVERTISING – especially that targeted at your children.

And stop buying products that advertise. Then we can chisel away at our culture that sadly condones this behavior by not actively speaking out.

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