Come see me speak on January 21 on Lean Out

lean out rough photoI am speaking at the Canadian Bar Association on January 21 at lunchtime in downtown Vancouver. This will be my he first talk on my new book: Lean Out  (out in a few weeks).  Here is the Blurb: LEAN OUT, NOT IN

Maureen Fitzgerald, PhD – a recovering lawyer and change agent – shatters the thinking that women need to work harder, shines a bright light on the hidden reasons why women are not progressing – and provides solutions! In an intelligent and humorous approach, Fitzgerald refuses to blame women and shifts the focus to the barriers that hold women back including  double standards and the 24/7 workplace. In doing so she not only opens eyes but provides practical tools for both men and women who want to dismantle the glass ceiling – once and for all. Based on the book: Lean OutHow to Dismantle the Corporate Barriers that Hold Women Back. 20 Strategies for True Success! by Maureen F. Fitzgerald, PhD. To sign up go here:

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