Daphne Bramham wrote a great article on UBC Sauder sexism scandal

The UBC students, while ignorant, can not be entirely blamed for their backward attitudes. What did their parents model or teach them about women? What did their teachers tell them about women in history? What do their professors teach them? What does the pornography industry teach them? What do the male-heavy media headlines teach them? What do the religions teach them? What do the fashion magazines teach them? I will tell you what these UBC students and our future leaders have learned slowly (like dental braces). In our current society women are still second class citizens. As a society, we do not really care about truly giving women power, money or freedom.  We need to look at all our systems (educational, legal, political, marriage, economic, etc.) not our individual students. We must all take responsibility.  http://www.vancouversun.com/news/Whats+behind+student+hijinks/9076179/story.html

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