Do you know how many women are in politics?

Barbara Yaffe wrote a great article “Women lead six provinces but tough tactics remain” in the Vancouver Sun (Jan 31, 2013). She suggests that the brutal behaviours of those in Parliament might shift if more women were elected. Here are some of her statistics:
– Canada has 6 Premiers. Two were not elected but appointed (Clark and Wynne) and one was appointed by consensus (Aariak).
– Women in provincial legislative seats: Maximun is 30% (Ontario, Quebec, BC) dwindling to 13% (New Brunswick)
– Women in federal seats: Around 25% (e.g. 75% men)
– Prime Minister Stephen Harper has no (0%) women as his lead ministers.
– Parliament granted women the vote in 1918.
I agree with Barbara that we have a long way to go. Women are over 50% of the population and polices that could advance women are rarely on the legislative agenda. Vote for women!


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