Do you think this hoody is sexy?

I saw two teens girls in a public bathroom the other day. One said to the other, “Do you think this hoody is sexy?” I looked up from my handwashing to see a girl about 13 yeras old looking in the mirror at her grey, worn out, oversized hoody. It draped down to her knees. I am fairly sure that these two young girls  do not know that the word “sexy” means sexually desirable to the opposite sex.  Maybe they do. I am sure, however, that they already know in no uncertain terms that being “sexy” is a desirable thing. I wish I had said, “My research shows that every girl is born sexy. Her sex actually makes her desirable to most males.  It’s totally natural with or without a hoody. So don’t fall for all the messages that tell you that you need anything more. You are enough! ” But instead I said nothing.


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