Don’t Legalize Prostitution

Although I support those women who are fighting to legalize prostitution – because they want sex-trade workers to be safer as I do – I can not agree that legalization is the answer. I think this would simply turn this  very-dangerous-de-humanizing job into a bit less-dangerous-but still- de-humanizing job.

We must  stop framing the issue as one of  “women’s choice” when very few of these women truly have a choice. Most can not get a better paying job, are often children of incest and abuse and many suffer from addictions.

Apparently a Nordic model, recognises the deeper problems (poverty, abuse and addiction) and prosecutes males who buy the services while preventing women from being prosecuted. They also provide women with education and retraining.

Prostitution is not a job for our daughters, sisters or mothers. Nor should it be supported by our husbands, brothers and sons. [Ideas arose from an article by Daphne Bramham of the Vancouver Sun]

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