Equal Pay Day is April 14

Equal Pay Day is April 14, 2015.  In other words, women must work that far into 2015 to earn what men earned in 2014.

  • Women are paid approximately 78% of what men are paid for comparable work and that number hasn’t moved much in the last ten years.
  • A recent study predicted that the wage gap will continue to be an issue until 2058 at the rate things are going.  A few states are not predicted to solve the problem in this century.
  • Other factors contribute to this wage gap.  For example, the disparity is worse in some states than others, and the effect can be larger depending on race, age, and industry.
  • Women can lose over half a million dollars to the wage gap over their careers, and college-educated women can lose over $800,000.  The pay gap is actually worse for those with graduate degrees.

Source: www.WomenLawyersNews.com

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