Facebook keeps women out of the boardroom

There are no women in the board of Facebook. This is surprising given that the COO is Sheryl Sandberg, an outspoken advocate for gender equality and also given that most of the 800 million users of Facebook are women. In a recent article by Bloomberg, Susan Stautberg co-founder of Women Corporate Directors, New York says “It doesn’t make sense for a company that claims to be so forward looking not to have any women directors. If they just have an old boys’ network in the boardroom, they won’t have access to diverse ideas and strategies.” Anne Mulcahy a former chair and CEO of Xerox said, “We are long past having to defend or explain why women should be on boards, given all the data that shows how companies with female as well as well as male directors perform better.” Apparently Facebook declined to comment. (Source: Globe & Mail, 4 Feb 2012)

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