Favorite Book of the Week

My favorite book this week is “Coming Apart” by Daphne Rose Kingma. I would recommend any of her books – they are all brilliant. She is so wise and gives advice from a very deeply human perspective. At the core of all her books is the idea that we are ALL here (as humans) to live joyfully. BUT (and its a big BUT) we cannot do this if we have hidden fears.

For most of us, our unconscious fears (like being unloved, unworthy or abandoned) are wreaking havoc. She explains how our “ego-centric” mind makes us freak out and causes us to protect and defend ourselves. In doing so we prevent vulnerability, sure, but we also prevent love from getting in.

The bottom line is this: Every relationship  (good or bad) is a gift to help you live a more free and juicy life. Each situation is designed to open your heart (especially when painful).  Your choice is to wake up and realize what is happening and not shut down. It is often hard to do but doing the work pays off big time. We gain love and intimacy. Yes. 

You can find Coming Apart on Amazon here: https://www.amazon.com/Coming-Apart-Heal-Broken-Heart/dp/1573247294

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