Great feedback on my 3 new books

I have had a lot of positive feedback on the launching of my three new books this week. I just got this email

Hi Maureen!

Congrats on these books!  Couldn’t be more timely for me, since I am recently back to work after a 16 month maternity leave, and struggling through childcare issues and seeing how sexism really operates insidiously (men don’t truly understand that it’s going on, even if they are well-intentioned!!).  An exciting new achievement in our lives, however, is that my husband has agreed to take time off from his business to look after our daughter until she turns 2.5yrs.  I’m almost ready to cry with relief!  (but men don’t cry with relief when their wife stays home, do they?!???)

 Will try to get myself organized to get the books and look forward to reading them.

 All the best,



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