I got rave reviews at my recent talk

BRAG ALERT! I gave a talk at the University Women’s Club last week. It was a preview of my TEDx talk (that I am giving on Nov 12). I have been getting some flack recently since gender equality is still a bit of a HOT topic. So I was glad to get this positive feedback. It feels good to be appreciated!

Dear Maureen,

I just wanted to thank you again for being such an inspiring figure.

I loved Wednesday and I continue to think about your words.
You have a hugely dynamic way with women.  Not many can make a group of 50 strangers feel welcome, comfortable, safe, challenged, and rewarded, all in about 30 mins.
I took real delight in listening to the various opinions and I so admire how you can take in many points of view and work them to your thesis.  You’re grounded and passionate and have one hell of a sense of humour.
I hope you don’t regret inviting a couple of us up to the front.  You surprised me and I hadn’t intended on sharing a story but I very much respect how you let me share it and how you instantly rolled with it and built up your case.
I know I’ll be missing something special next weekend (at your TEDx talk) but I know the audience will be blown away.

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