Great article by law prof on Justin’s nanny gate


In 2015 women are still expected to stay at home. Here is an excerpt of the article by Professor Brenda Cossman: “What’s more, there are some lingering gender roles here too. It is not just a family’s private responsibility. The unstated – and sometimes even stated – assumption is that women should be taking care of the children. There has been no end of innuendos and outright expressions that it is Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau that should be taking care of the children. If she can’t, well, then, it is surely her responsibility to find and pay someone who can. It’s not as if she works, say some. Or it’s not as if she works full time. (Apparently, being the wife of the Prime Minister does not count as full or part time or valuable or demanding work.) Or it’s not as if the Prime Minister would actually have to take the children to the office. Childcare continues to be seen as a very gendered activity, where mothers are still assumed to be the primary caregivers. The nanny scandal is not really about subsidizing an “elite” lifestyle of the Prime Minister. We have always done that. Nor is it about a conflict between a Prime Minister’s policies and the taxpayer support he receives while in office. It is, at the end of the day, about what we think about childcare – that it is a private not collective responsibility, and that it is women not their husbands, who should be bearing the burden.



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